A photo of Nick W Forsberg

Nick Forsberg

Exec Product/Development/UX


From over 20 years in the tech industry, working both agency and clientside, I bring a swiss-army knife of skills to the challenge of taking an idea from zero to one.

Current Ventures:

A photo of Nick W Forsberg

Chief Technical Officer

Talk Club is a mental fitness community for men, meeting online and in person.

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Chief Product Officer

That API Company is a specialist API development and API strategy agency and builder of API products.

Hyper Product Club

Product Consultant

The Hyper Product Club is a collective of senior product experts helping consumer software start-ups reduce their opportunity costs.

Recent Ventures:

Working with start-up founders to find product market fit.

Always be billing! 💸 makes it super simple to figure out your potential earnings for the year as a freelancer based on your hourly rate, daily hours you work a week and your base tax.

Need some focus in your life?Yikes! is a super lightweight task manager for the Chrome browser